We have a triple call

  1. To pay an uncommon attention to the things of God, so that like Gabriel we seek to know the reality of the things of the Spirit: to bring that good news in these fractured and changing times in which we live. We desire to know spiritual realities in everyday circumstance, inspired by Ignatius of Loyola’s exhortation ‘to know God in all things,” so that prayer may bear fruit in actions that bring hope, one to one even as in the story of the lost sheep, Jesus makes clear God’s concern and compassion for the one as well as for the many,
  2. To embody God’s compassion through our Apostolic Work: an ethical and practical outworking of our spiritual lives not only in our everyday experience but also through our registered Charity: The Gettalife Project. www.gettalife.org.uk
  3. To be committed to each other: ours is a dispersed way of life, with the Sisters living in their own homes. All who are called to share this vision are our Sisters, across age, race and class.

Our Rule Of Life:


We are committed to:

  • Daily prayer, Bible reading and space for silence
  • Daily use of our Psalm lectionary
  • Praying our Gabriel Sisters’ Prayer
  • Meeting together regularly: three weekends a year.
  • Interim meetings, as required, for matters of principle and action.
  • Prayer time on the first Tuesday of the month, each Sister in her own home.
  • Tithing a minimum of 1% of our income to the Community.
  • Linking with a Spiritual Director.
  • An annual Guided Retreat.
  • Commitment to the Community’s Apostolic Work:

This commitment is embodied through four key lifestyle choices:

  • Faithfulness, whether married or called to the single, celibate life. We affirm dedication to long-term commitments and consecrated partnerships as is the practice within the Anglican church in the UK.
  • Simplicity of Lifestyle, so that we hold lightly to material things and share generously with others.
  • Welcome and Hospitality, to both friend and stranger that the Spirit or God may bring to our door.
  • Commitment to our Apostolic Work.

Fellowship Sisters

A new role, which has a looser commitment in being present at Sisterhood weekends and other meetings and more limited involvement in the Gettalife Project, the Sisterhood’s Apostolic work. Vows are not taken.