Prayer Requests


When your mind starts wandering the bleak hills of despair,

When you look for answers but can't find them anywhere,

When you don't know where to turn and can't find your way through,

Just know the Gabriel Sisters will gladly pray for you.


If you would welcome prayer for yourself or a family member, a friend or a situation that is close to your heart, the Gabriel Sisters will gladly draw alongside to light a candle and pray.

In order to comply with GDPR, please follow these guidelines when writing your request:

  • Limit all names to Christian name only

  • If you are writing on behalf of another person, please do not disclose health information unless you have the individual’s consent

We will never pass on your email address to a third party and we will only keep a record of your email address if your request a response.

Please make your request via our ‘Contact us’ page by clicking on this link